About Us

Modern Edge Collective is driven by helping consumers understand the benefits and possibilities behind blockchain and web3. Friends since 2015, Ben Couris and Adin Jacobs have always had an interest in blockchain technologies and educating others in the space.

Both Couris and Jacobs have backgrounds in the business and art worlds, which helped quickly reveal an obstacle that most artists endure. Most artists and their work are undervalued or taken advantage. This issue was a key building block behind Modern Edge Collective and its mission. By combining blockchain technologies and the power of web3 with modern-day art, Modern Edge Collective found a way to help artists cut free from the stronghold of the art industry, leaving artists with more opportunities to reap their rewards.

NFTs have quickly become a trend, but the problem is the current market has become a clout storm of “pump-and-dump” projects. This leaves many consumers wondering: “Where is the truly authentic artwork?” Not only does Modern Edge Collective helps source additional revenue streams for artists, it also provides a platform for authentic artwork by artists who are driven by passion and feeling, which you can see depicted in their pieces. All Modern Edge artwork is crafted by unique artists who each have their own twist on modern-digital and physical art.

The concept of an NFT to some is a bit intimidating, but Modern Edge Collective is here to help alleviate that level of intimidation. Foremost, with Modern Edge Collective, all NFTs can be purchased by way of USD. No more having to worry about cryptocurrencies because we make it quick and easy. Creating a wallet is as simple as a click of a button with the seamless creation process. We are here to provide a better environment in the high-end digital art world for artist and consumers alike.